As students, this project helped us all become better communicators.  This is a skill we don’t often get to use in the classroom in subjects such as math, science and language arts. However, the opportunity to communicate as part of a team with our teachers and with individuals in the community is an important skill that will help us in everything we do in the future.
As part of this project we contacted and built a relationship with some of the most amazing and exceptional people in our community. We are so grateful for their contributions and the time they gave to our project. Most everyone who we e-mailed responded to our request for information. We could not have done this without their help. Working as part of a team of students, teachers and technical advisors was an amazing experience!
What we learned about the issue of rising sea levels was truly life changing.   For example, in South Florida, where we live, the sea is expected to rise two additional feet by 2050. This will impact the entire region by increasing the flood damage, losing our freshwater aquifers to salt water, and increasing our taxes significantly. Knowing this has made us all very aware of our environment and the challenges facing our community. It is knowledge we hope to share with others. Even though we narrowed our focus to investigating the problem of rising sea levels in our own community, we know that this is a problem that is happening all over the world. We hope that our plan and our solution will help other cities and communities become more aware of this issue, and change the way they see the impact of sea level rise.
All of the lessons we learned through this project were very valuable. We learned how to contact and to communicate with important people in our community. We learned about an issue facing our society and how environmental conditions impact all our lives, and our futures. Most importantly, we learned to work as a team to find solutions to a real-world problem.

The team with technical advisor, Brad Schonhoff.

Alex & Dylan working away!